Some Thoughts on Downsizing (& books)

If you didn’t have so much goddamn  stuff, you wouldn’t need a house. You could just walk around all the time.
– George Carlin

Simple and true.
If we didn’t have so much stuff, we could just grab our coats and go. Anytime. Walk some other pavements of this planet.

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Make your own soap

It’s cheap (or at least cheaper than any natural soap you’d find in the store/market), it can be a nice and personal gift, it looks quite aesthetically if you ask me and it’s fun and simple to produce. Even I (sometimes not so handy) can do it.
I learned it while I was volunteering on farms/for self-sufficient farmers (wwoofing).
Don’t worry; I won’t bore you with a recipe on how to make your own soap, since there are plenty of good ones out there, even with pictures and stuff (to name a few: here, here, and there)

Just so you know what’s on the pictures…
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Building a green roof

Last weekend I helped building some green roofs on top the houses at Vereniging Aardehuis in Olst, Holland. Now I have a basic idea of how to build one, that I would like to share with you… But before you hasten to decide to build anything like that, you’d have to make sure that your roof can handle all this extra weight.

However, once it’s there it creates an aesthetical landscape, serves as a little natural habitat for our insect fellows and on a summer’s day you can even climb up your roof and enjoy the sunshine from up there. It doesn’t have to be expensive (around 100-300€) and will also provide you with some insulation.

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Isn’t it sad? The whole world coverd under a grey mass of asphalt.

It makes absolute sense that we consider this world a hard and cold one.
We designed it this way.

Who could feel at home, comfortable and taken care of at the sight of this hard and cold pavement? It’s everywhere.
That’s why I love to see those tough little plants that are able to break through the surface of the pavement and grow towards the sun. Quite impressive!

Maybe we could choose to design more beautiful, blooming pathways. And plant more fruits and vegetables all around the city (it’s already happening in some citys). Maybe that would make the world look a little less scary.

New Project: Gardening

I am a Psychology student… But somehow it seems more urgent to me to learn about gardening – and I mean immediately. So I basically started today, it’s a nice and sunny but unsettled spring day. I think I found enough space in the little backyard of my shared flat to get a few plants growing.

The first steps to take (if you’re a student like me and are living in a shared flat like I do) are probably:

  • tidying up the garden (students create a lot of garbage)
  • finding some gaden-tools (we have almost everything here, mostly hidden in the weirdest places, left by long-gone roommates)
  • gathering information asking the old folks, searching for books at the library or reading through some online stuff, if you know as little about plants as I do
  • buying plants or seed

I think I am going to start with: peppermint (I love the smell of it and it will be great for tea and Mojitos), salad and tomatoes (probably growing inside on the windowsill). Three very different plants. Tomorrow I’ll buy some compost and soil to create a nice bed for the new housemates and probably get the plants or seeds too. I’ll have to ask a garden lady if I should dare to seed them. My mum promised to give me some of her plant pots (for the tomatoes). For the salad I would like to have a more spacious thing. Like a little baby bathtub, that would look awesome! Maybe I can get that at one of the second hand stores here.