Manya Krobo, Ghana

Minolta X-700, Vivitar Series 1 24-70 mm / 3.8-4.8, Fuji Superia X-TRA (35mm, ISO 200), Canon Canon MP560


Amsterdam | Minolta X-700

Someday, I’ll live in the country side… With endless fields, forests and waters. But for now, I’m glad to be living in the exact opposite. There is something about fast city madness. The sea of everchanging people and places, where life ceases to stop for just one moment.

Minolta X-700, Vivitar Series 1 24-70 mm / 3.8-4.8, DM Paradies 200 (35mm, ISO 200), Canon Canon MP560

Wwoof: Mondhof Tachen ar Loar

For five weeks I have been working on a little farm in the Black Forest in southwestern Germany. It is called “Mondhof Tachen ar Loar” and the two farmers, Rebecca & Jochen, live there with their three children and animals, trying to become as self-sufficient as possible. I found them via “WWOOF is a worldwide network to bring those people, who try a sustainable way of living in the countryside, together with those who want to learn about it.

You get free food and accommodation in exchange for work, plus you get to meet interesting people and gain a lot of knowledge. A great concept, especially for someone like me, who comes from a place of knowing next to nothing about gardening, farming and keeping animals.

Here’s how a ‘regular’ day looked like on the farm…
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Strawbale building

In august we did some strawbale building at Vereniging Aardehuis in Holland. When the workload of building all 24 blocks of earthships with tires became too overwhelming and time-consuming for the people of the community in Olst, they decided to build the rest of the houses with straw – another sustainable building material that doesn’t take as much time as tires to be put in place
(I heard that it would take about 20 minutes (for the fastest person) to prepare only one tire! One wall consisted of approximately 200-300 tires.. You do the math!).

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